Blaschke Exotics offers many services in addition to livestock supply. Our philosophy of being your one-stop exotic livestock location drives us to try and fulfil your every need. From transport to testing to just about anything else you need, we've got the right tools for the job. If we don't list a service you need, contact us. More than likely we just haven't thought of it yet. In the rare instance we can't take care of your specific request, odds are that we'll be able to point you in the direction of someone who can!


All of our livestock are priced FOB -- you pick them up at our farm. However, we are quite willing to arrange shipping if you are unable to pick them up yourself. We're quite proud of our custom-built, 26-foot deer trailer, designed specifically to move animals in comfort and safety. Its compartmentalized design guards against jostling and injury that can happen in regular cattle trailers, and strategically placed air vents ensure a steady flow of cool air. We'll haul livestock just about anywhere in Texas, and even transport animals to and from auctions if that's what you need. We arrange shipping into Mexico regularly, and have had several other international deals. We can arrange shipping to other states. Because of our high-quality transportation and the fact that our deer are farm-raised and not stressed by handling, we guarantee live delivery.

Public Speaking

Blaschke Exotics has more than three decades' worth of knowledge about agriculture and the exotic livestock industry, and we'll be glad to share that with you. If your Rotary Club, Lions Club or local FFA is interested in learing more about the alternative livestock industry in Texas, drop us a line. Remember, Nolan Blaschke taught agriculture science for more than 20 years, so he's seen just about everything!


While Blaschke Exotics is first and foremost a farming operation, there are many opportunites to photograph striking animals in natural settings. Usually the best times to see our varied livestock are the early morning and late evening hours, when temperatures are cool and the animals are grazing. We have no set price structure for photographers, but are willing to negotiate an agreement. Because some species of exotic deer and antelope can be aggressive, no one will be allowed to roam our farmland unescorted.

TB Testing

Our herd is certified TB-free by the State of Texas, one of the few herds in the nation with that designation. Contact us for more information on having individual animals tested.

Trophy Hunts

Blaschke Exotics is  now booking hunts.  We have a nice lodging facility on the ranch and can provide accommodations.  Rifle, Pistol, & Shotgun ranges are available and we offer skeet shooting as well, even small cannon if you have one! Contact us at 979 - 732 - 7249

Predator Control

While most exotic wildlife ranches/farms/parks are generally predator-free by virtue of game-proof fencing, sometimes coyotes and bobcats, among other things, find a way in. Usually, they pose no danger to adult deer or antelope, but a wily hunter can wreak havoc on babies. Even the swiftest Axis fawn can be run down by coyotes' tag-team hunting tactics. If the need arises, we can help with a variety of traps and other options, including high-tech night vision equipment.