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Blaschke Exotics is proud to introduce StagWall modular fencing. This sturdy, economical barrier is designed to be quickly and easily assembled with a minimum of effort. Its eight-foot height makes it ideal for all your game-proof fencing needs, both permanent and portable. In addition to deer, antelope, gazelle, goats, sheep and other exotic livestock, StagWall's exceptional strength and durability make it an attractive alternative to containing domestic livestock as well, everything from cattle to buffalo. The modular nature of StagWall allows for easy breakdown and transport via any form of flatbed trailer or pickup to those remote pastures and wilderness areas where permanent corrals and pens are not viable. Those same features make StagWall ideal for equestrian events and trail rides, allowing horses optimal freedom of movement for exercise.

StagWall frame StagWall features a unique and attractive reenforced design, making it one of the strongest fences on the market today, portable or otherwise. The steel construction makes StagWall weather-resistant and virtually maintenance free. In addition to exotic and domestic livestock containment, StagWall is also for privacy fencing or residential use. Blaschke Exotics has several customizable options to tailor StagWall for your unique needs. For more information on StagWall email Blaschke Exotics below, or feel free to contact us at (409) 732-7249 or (409) 732-3996 during regular business hours in the continental United States.

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