Here at Blaschke Exotics, we get quite a few questions directed our way on a regular basis. Most are simple and straightforward: What animals do we have available? What's the cost? Other times, though, we're asked for more subjective information, ranging from startup advice on deer farming, to in-depth information about specific species, to recipes for exotic dishes. While we still plan on answering what queries we can, we believe the following selection of books, available from, would be of special interest to exotic livestock enthusiasts. A word of advice, though: While has excellent rates on current titles, there are a number of books relevant to exotic livestock farming and ranching listed in their database that are out of print. In our experience, these are radically overpriced, and anyone interested in obtaining a copy would be better off checking the Advanced Book Exchange, BookFinder or any of the other out of print book vendors on the web first.

Exotics on the Range: The Texas Example

By Elizabeth Cary Mungall

I can't recommend this book enough. From front to back, it is the most comprehensive book written on exotic farming in Texas. It gives a thorough, entertaining history of exotics such as Axis and blackbucks, and all the technical information you'd need -- from land carrying capacity to disease to nutrition. Very, very good. If anyone is looking to get into deer farming, this is the indespensable reference book. A comprehensive guide to the management of hoofed exotics, for ranchers (who may wish to conserve rare species, may wish to sell rights for their hunting, or both) and wildlife specialists. After summarizing the development of non-native hoofed animal life and breeding in Texas, all eight established exotic species are characterized and 25 other animals are given to illustrate both successes and failures. Then the variety of prevailing management techniques are discussed. Of special interest is a state-of-the-art carrying capacity evaluation method simple enough for repeated use. Includes 46 color plates and an extensive listing of publications on all topics covered. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

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Farming Wapiti and Red Deer

By Jerry C. Haigh and Robert J. Hudson

Without a doubt the the most authoratative book on Elk, Wapiti and Red Deer farming, this book covers the ins and outs of this specific niche of the exotic livestock industry from top to bottom. A bit pricey, but probably worth the investment if Elk is your thing.

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The Deer of North America

By Leonard Lee Rue III

This book's first edition was one of the Outdoor Life series and has given us the tools to understand one of North America's most majestic creatures. The life cycle, aging, growth patterns, habitat and environmental needs of the whitetail are explained in detail with the writer's storyteller style mixed in. This book can be understood and enjoyed by young and old, hunters and ranchers, nature lovers and anyone interested in learning more about one of the most unique animals on earth.

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Wildlife Stewardship and Recreation on Private Lands
(Texas A&M University Agriculture Series, No. 1)

By Delwin E. Benson, Ross Shelton, Donny Steinbach, Judy F. Winn, Don W. Steinbach

This book contains creative ideas for encouraging landowners to be good wards of the land, and does an excellent job of delivery into the complexities, frustrations, rewards, and mechanism of management applicable to dealing with publicly owned wildlife on private lands.

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The Science of Overabundance: Deer Ecology and Population Management

By William J. McShea (Editor), H. Brian Underwood (Editor), John H. Rappole (Editor)

This book contains 23 in-depth essays relating research into all areas of deer management from a vast array of contributors, tackling the vexing problem of deer population explosions. Virtually no stone is left unturned.

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Deer and Elk

By Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, William Munoz (Illustrator)

After defining common characteristics of cervids, the deer family, Patent devotes chapters to white-tailed deer, mule deer, and elk and to preservation issues, especially hunting. Common questions (How are antlers different from horns?) are answered clearly, and treatment of cervid mating, birthing, and the raising of young is extensive and free from anthropomorphism. The chapter on deer and elk overpopulation is nonsentimental and direct, suggesting cost and effectiveness limitations to resettlement programs, as opposed to hunting or harvesting. Though many are small, Munoz's photographs offer striking glimpses of the animals in their natural habitat. References for further study are current. Mary Harris Veeder, Copyright 1994, American Library Association. All rights reserved

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Ecology and Management of the North American Moose

By Albert W. Franzmann (Editor), Charles C. Schwartz (Editor)

The most comprehensive book ever published on the North American moose, this abundantly illustrated volume fully explains moose biology and ecology and assesses the increasingly complex enterprise of managing the species. Twenty-one wildlife biologists and researchers discuss moose taxonomy, reproduction and growth, feeding habits, behavior, population dynamics, relationships with predators, incidental mortality, and seasonal migration patterns. They analyze the effect of new strategies of moose habitat and harvest management - including the planting of late-winter cover, hunting regulations, and aerial and ground-level tracking methods. They also describe immobilization, handling, and translocation practices and discuss the future of moose management.

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Antlers: Nature's Majestic Crown

By Erwin A. Bauer, Peggy Bauer (Photographer)

Moose and elk, caribou and whitetails, mule deer and European deer--each has its own chapter filled with sensitive and dramatic color photographs of the animals. The author has also skillfully interwoven information about the animals--their predators, their life cycles, and their habitats--with the primary focus on antlers.

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Whitetails: Answers to All Your Questions on Life Cycle, Feeding Patterns, Antlers, Scrapes and Rubs, Behavior During the Rut

By Leonard Lee Rue III

This book is a question and answer book about the whitetail deer. Data is usually provided to support the answers with extensive references. A good starting place for either beginners or experienced hunters.

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Quality Whitetails: The Why and How of Quality Deer Management

By Karl V. Miller (Editor), R. Larry Marchinton (Editor)

This book is both informative in its detail and enjoyable to read for the average whitetail deer hunter. The editor combines the research and experience of field biologists and game experts to explain the what, why and how of quality deer management.

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Game Management

By Aldo Leopold

The classic game management text by the famous naturalist/outdoorsman/hunter, Aldo Leopold. His followers are many and passionate -- here's your chance to find out what the fuss is about.

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The Development of International Principles and Practices of Wildlife Research and Management: Asian and American Approaches

By Stephen H. Berwick (Editor), V. B. Saharia (Editor)

A fascinating academic study that examines American and Asian approaches to game management and wildlife, chronicling the success and failures of each.

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Ecology and Management of Large Mammals in North America

By Stephen Demarais (Editor), Paul R. Krausman

Designed to replace the highly regarded, but long-out-of-print/out-of-date, classic, Big Game of North America, this book provides authoritative, state-of-the-art, single-source coverage of the full range of North American big game (large mammal) species from an ecological perspective. Each of the 30 chapters is written by the authority on the particular species or topic covered. For Ecologists, Wildlife Managers, and anyone interested in all aspects of big game and habitat use by large mammals.

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Federal Wildlife Laws Handbook With Related Laws

By Ruth S. Musgrave, Judy Flynn-O'Brien, Pamela A. Lambert

An exhaustive overview of all federal laws and regulations governing wildlife. Not light reading, but it is thorough.

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Wildlife Feeding and Nutrition

By Charles T. Robbins

Based on an upper-level undergraduate course, explores the nutritional needs of wild mammals and birds. Assumes that students of wildlife biology and related fields have little background in nutrition, so each chapter begins with the basics and proceeds to topics that can challenge advanced students and professionals. Emphasizes the complexity of wildlife feeding compared to that of domestic animals, and the implications for managing animals both in the wild and in captivity. Updated from the 1985 edition. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.

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Infectious Diseases of Wild Mammals

By John William Davis

An introduction to infectious and parasitic diseases in free and captive wildlife, offering information on diseases in wildlife found in North America. For students in wildlife biology and veterinary medicine. Very thorough and detailed.

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Noninfectious Diseases of Wildlife

By Anne Fairbrother (Editor), Louis N. Locke (Editor), Gerald L. Hoff (Editor)

An introduction to noninfectious and nonparasitic diseases in free and captive wildlife, offering information on diseases, the effects of toxic substances, physiological disorders, and the traumas of free-ranging wildlife found in North America. This second edition covers new subjects including the effects of environmental estrogenic compounds, mycotoxins, petroleum toxicity, pesticides, and forensic investigational techniques. For students in wildlife biology and veterinary medicine. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

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The Exotic Animal Drug Compendium: An International Formulary

By Keath L. Marx D.V.M., Margaret L. Roston BSRN

Presents tabular information on drugs used with exotic animals, for veterinarians working with exotic pets, zoo animals, laboratory animals, and wild animals. Drugs are listed by category and name, with information on their use with specific animals, including figures for recommended dosages, route, frequency, duration, comments, and drug combinations. Reference numbers after each entry refer to some 700 listed sources used to create the directory. Includes appendices of drug and animal cross references.

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Wild About Game

By Jane Hibler, Janie Hibler

150 Recipes for Cooking Farm-Raised and Wild Game from Alligator and Antelope to Venison and Wild Turkey With growing interest in game as a source of red meat often lower in cholesterol than that of standard cattle, the need for some serious guides to cooking these nonstandard foods becomes all the more important. Elk, which used to be available only to hunters, is now farmed in New Zealand and imported into the U.S. And virtually everyone has seen both buffalo and ostrich offered for sale in supermarkets. Most of these meats require special handling, since they can't always be cooked just the same as beef. Hibler offers good advice on how to make the best of a boar chop or a loin of antelope. Side dishes that complement game's stronger flavors receive careful attention, and the buttermilk mashed potatoes seasoned with chives would fit well on any dinner table. Libraries near hunting areas will especially profit from this book's helpful information on all manner of wild game. Mark Knoblauch, Copyright 1998, American Library Association. All rights reserved

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Oh Deer! The Venison Cookbook for Beginners

by Cheri Helregel (Editor)

With chapters on everything from introducing venison to the family to tips and tricks for better venison meals, Helregel answers the questions all venison cooks ask. The recipes range from tasty appetizers to elegant evening dinners, yet all are designed to be quick and easy to create without forcing the cook to search for gourmet ingredients. Twenty illustrations.

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301 Venison Recipes : The Ultimate Deer Hunter's Cookbook

You can never have enough venison recipes, and this book presents you with 301 good ones.

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